TIM (Who and What)

Who is Tim?
Rebecca's video will tell you all you need to know...

We want all of our children to aspire to be like Tim. 

Tim encourages pupils to have a positive attitude to develop resilience, and determination in preparation for becoming a confident member of the local and wider community. He encourages all pupils to participate in youth social action for the benefit of others.

Tim encourages pupils to achieve and gain the best possible outcomes (attainment) through hard work, determination and exemplary behaviour for learning. He encourages pupils to become masters in everything they do and reminds them that 'practice makes perfect'!

Tim encourages all pupils to attend the academy regularly and on time, always equipped and ready for learning.

Tim is now in every classroom to remind the children to '
Master' their learning!

Tim explains Mastery.

Check out Tim in all of his different guises...

Tim is a master in internet safety.