School Staff

 General Staff: 
Executive Principal Mrs Kemp-Hall
Acting Principal Mr Nicholson
 School Business Manager Mrs Bullock
 Safeguarding and Inclusion Coordinator Miss Williams
 SENDCo Mrs Brown supported by Pastoral team and Miss Naisbitt
 Vulnerable Learners Champion Mr Hall
 Office Clerk Mrs Hall
 Office Apprentice Miss Craig
 School Cook Mrs Pallister
 Caretaker     Mr Grey    

 Curriculum/Area Responsibilities 
 Pastoral Team Mr Nicholson, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Brown, Mr Hall, Miss Williams
 Maths Mr Nicholson
 English Mrs Campbell
 ICT/Computing Mr Nicholson, Mrs Kemp-Hall
 Science Ms Bentley, Mrs Kemp-Hall
 Art /DT Mrs Cooper, Miss Brereton, Miss Rowbotham
 Religious Education/Music Mrs Charlton
 French Mrs Ford
 PE Mr Nicholson, Miss Round
 History Miss Turton
 Geography Miss Turton
 PSHE/Citizenship Mrs Dixon
 Academy Council Mrs Dowie Mrs Dransfield

 EYFS Staff: 
 Early Years Lead/Reception Teacher Mrs Charlton
 Reception Support Mrs Jones/Mrs Watson (maternity)
 Reception teacher Miss Naisbitt
 Reception Support/French teacher for EYFS/KS1 Mrs Ford
 Nursery teacher Ms Bentley
 Nursery Support Miss Miller

 Key Stage 1 Staff 
 Key Stage 1 leader/Y1/2 teacher Mrs Dixon
 Y1/2 Support Miss Brereton
 Y1/2 Support Miss Ford
 Y1/2 support (0.6) Miss Rowbotham
 Y1/2 teacher Mrs Cooper
 Y1/2 Apprentice Miss Ball
 Y2 teacher Mrs Brown
 Y2 Support Miss Hey

 Key Stage 2 Staff 
 Phase 3 Leader Y5/6 teacher Mrs Campbell/Mr Nicholson
 Y5/6  Teacher Mrs Frost
 Y5/6 Support Mrs Dowie
 Y5/6 Teach First Ms Slinger
 Y5/6 Support Miss Round
 T5/6 Apprentice Mrs Ingram
Phase 2 Lead Y3 teacher Mr Hall
 Y3/4 teacher Miss Turton
 Y3/4 Teach First Miss Hussain
 Y3/4 Support Mrs Dransfield
 Y3/4 Apprentice Mr Rowland