Staff & ICT

If our staff are competent users of modern technology, then our children will be empowered to do the same! Here are some of the ways that the staff at North Ormesby Primary Academy are using ICT...

Each member of staff in school is given their own iPad. They use these during lessons to take assessment notes, provide visual aids for children, responding to and engaging in staff-to-staff communication and logging safety & behaviour concerns through our online safeguarding tool, 'CPOMS'.

Each classroom also has its very own Apple TV. This gives teachers the ability to 'mirror' any content from their iPads or other Apple equipment straight to their C-Touch screen. It's also an excellent tool for showing off and evaluating the work children on doing on their iPads.

Our EYFS staff have been using Orbit for a long time now; new technology that makes life easier for early years practitioners and allows sharing of information for the benefit of children. Orbit makes it easy for practitioners to collect observations of each child, assess learning in line with the EYFS Framework and evaluate children and track progress over time.

CPOMS is a revolutionary software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding and and a whole range of pastoral and welfare issues. Working alongside our school’s existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system to help with the management of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, special educational needs, domestic issues and much, much more.

We have worked very hard at North Ormesby to provide a depth of support for staff across the school and have an excellent monitoring system for evaluating and growing our practise. Part of this involved the use of Iris. Iris is an online platform and mobile camera system which allows us to record our lessons, reflect privately and share with colleagues.

Like most schools, we use SIMS as a central database for children's details and registration. We also use SIMS' ability to provide robust data tracking and SEND/vulnerable groups data which we update on a day-to-day basis.

Provision Map Writer from 'Blue Hills' is a secure online service to strategically manage additional provision across our school, otherwise known as Provision Mapping or Provision Management. This way, we can track every penny spent and the quality of our provision. 

We've equipped every classroom in school with one of these C-Touch multi-sensory screens, including a monstrous 80-inch model in our school hall. Superbly responsive, no shadow and all complete with its own motorised to adjust it's height accordingly.

We use an online tool called 
Perspective to help us self review confidently and accurately, create 
and maintain robust improvement plans, and quickly monitor performance 
and impact.

The staff in every class use their iPads to take regular photos of the fun our children are having and then post the most exciting ones to our school Twitter feed.

Starjar is a very new tool to our school. Built to aid the formative and summative assessment in schools, we think Starjar will revolutionise the time we spend on and the quality of our assessment judgements.