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Teaching is a Work of Heart!

posted 12 Dec 2015, 05:36 by Craig Nicholson   [ updated 1 Jan 2016, 07:50 ]

Teaching isn't a profession that's in receipt of anything close to positive press at the moment. The media is full of stories about shortage of teachers, recruitment crises, pressures that are unbearable, a massive pace of change, forced academisation, poor standards, Heads losing jobs or in extreme circumstances going as far as taking their own lives.

The media likes bad press though, it's not notorious for wanting to promote and highlight good news and many would say that there's no good news to tell in Education!

I think we buck that trend, we're the exception that proves the rule!

We are in the fortunate position of recently being awarded Outstanding status by Ofsted and with that comes a certain sense of we've made it, we've found that holy grail, we can rest easy, there'll be no knocking at the door anytime soon. It's not like that though, what it has done is energised us to go further, it's given us the freedom to be more creative, the shackles are off, we can try new things and we have the time to share, collaborate and support others. Most importantly the 'badge' is almost meaningless, as what's important is what goes on inside and at the heart of the school day in and day out, not the snapshot in time when the planets aligned on the day of the inspection that could have so easily gone in another direction. 

We've worked hard to gain this freedom going from requires improvement two years ago to our current status and it's not been easy. At times we've nearly buckled under the pressures, rushed to implement change and worked endless hours, but it's been worth it. 

The rewards are now endless. We have a staff that love learning, are creative, collaborative, energetic, knowledgable, skilful, caring, empathetic, compassionate, inspirational and positive. We have children that are intrinsically motivated to learn, are proud to be in school, parents that support the school's direction of travel and value education.

Hopes, aspirations and dreams are there for the taking. The academy is a fun place to be. We have to be careful though that we don't make it look too easy. The press wouldn't want to tell our story, happy children, happy staff, happy school isn't a headline worthy of print. It isn't easy, it's hard work day in and day out staying at the top of our game and going beyond. People assume that because we're outstanding it must be easy working in our school because we've made it. But it's not so. We continue to learn, our academy is a learning community which means staff and pupils never stop learning or improving, getting to the top is hard but staying there is even harder!

I'm lucky though, I lead this wonderful, inspirational environment, I'm surrounded by passionate educators, I get up every morning grateful for the opportunity to make a difference to so many lives, I love my job, for me teaching really is a work of heart!

Christine Kemp-Hall (Principal) - 11th December 2015