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Marvellous Me - Getting Parents Engaged and Improving Learning and Life Skills

posted 17 Oct 2015, 01:19 by Craig Nicholson

Before Marvellous Me

North Ormesby prides itself on being a friendly, happy and welcoming school. They use various ways to communicate with parents, including Twitter, emails and an excellent website, yet have struggled to provide real-time feedback from the classroom that was personal to parents, effortless for teachers and excited the children. It also wanted to be able to measure its parental engagement success and ensure that teachers were acting consistently in every year group.

The impact of Marvellous Me

“Staff, pupils and parents all love MarvellousMe! It is simple to use and from day 1 it has delivered positive interaction between teachers, children and parents. Children want to earn MarvellousMe badges in class and parents love hearing how marvellous their children are.” As soon as a teacher posts an activity, awards a badge or sends a message, parents get a notification pop up on their phones. It’s fun, exciting and engaging. Even for the 'hard to reach' parents.

“This is home-to-school communication at its best. MarvellousMe is a fantastic, schoolwide solution that enables us to share positive feedback with our parents, so that they can be fully engaged in their children’s learning.” Christine Kemp-Hall, Principal. 


“The teachers’ engagement in MarvellousMe is as impressive as the parents’ engagement. It’s a fantastic way for teachers to reinforce learning, hard work and good behaviours and has become part of their normal classroom activities. They enjoy using MarvellousMe for plenaries and comment how much the children like using it with them every day. Teachers also look out for ‘hi5s’ from appreciative parents. It’s a nice reward for their hard work and a sign that parents are really delighted.”

“Pupils are really excited and motivated by MarvellousMe. They love it that their parents can share in what they are doing in class, and they want their parents to know how well they are doing. MarvellousMe makes this a reality and parent pride is such a powerful motivator for continued success. The MarvellousMe monsters make it fun for children in class and at home, and help them to recognise their teacher’s connection with their parents.”

“Most parents signed up in a few days! They love it and tell us how brilliant it is that they can share it with other family members too. MarvellousMe acts as a prompt to encourage families to talk more about positive achievements at school and nudges them to do more learning at home. It makes parents feel part of their children’s day; it makes them smile.”

“It’s amazing that you can see what I’m doing in school.” Year 6 pupil to her mother.