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An interview with Denise Lewis - North Ormesby Academy

posted 17 Oct 2015, 01:09 by Craig Nicholson   [ updated 17 Oct 2015, 01:09 ]

At the end of the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge, one class stood out above the rest.

Mr Nicholson’s Year 6 class at North Ormesby Primary Academy not only achieved 3rd place on the Class leaderboard and 1st in the UK, but  R.L a pupil from year 6 also topped the world pupil leaderboard!

Due to this stunning performance, they were given the opportunity to interview Denise Lewis and what a fantastic meeting it was!

Above you can see the ‘highlights’ or you can see the meeting in all its glory below, Enjoy! 

Could this be your class after the next Challenge?